Polaroid Photography by Jeremy Kost for Supplementaire

Adam Gumula at Soul Artist Mgmt featured on the cover of Supplementaire #15, the notorious #SEXissue and the  accompanying series was all shot on #Polaroid by Jeremy Kost. Film courtesy of The Impossible Project

PRINT: Supplementaire #15 #SEXISSUE: £26 + FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING + 2 free prints
DIGTIAL: £2.99 *PDF is uncensored *available now

SUPP15_72 copy Page 1 C copy SUPP15_40 copy SUPP15_75 copy SUPP15_76 copy Untitled-10 copy Untitled-33 copy Untitled-34 copy Untitled-61 copy Untitled-62 copy Untitled-64 copy

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