Hedi Slimane: Anthology of a Decade, USA

Two surfers carrying their boards through a canyon in San Onofre, California; artist Banks Violette’s extensive network of chest and arm tattoos; the phrase “the dance floor” written across a clear blue desert sky; Gore Vidal’s typewriter; a Python 357 revolver; and one of Beck’s acoustic guitars are some of the subjects captured in Hedi Slimane’s photographs in the USA volume of Anthology of a Decade. Taken in New York and Los Angeles between 2007 and 2011, Slimane’s black-and-white images capture celebrities–including Vidal, Kenneth Anger, Ed Ruscha, Courtney Love, Joe Dallesandro, Johnny Rotten, Brice Marden, and Brian Wilson–alongside portraits of beautiful young boys and girls (some of them models, some of them skaters, surfers or street kids), landscapes, street scenes and still lifes.

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