Exhibit A by Guy Bourdin

Exhibit A by Guy Bourdin

If Helen of Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships, Guy Bourdin was the photographer that launched a thousand other photographers.  Bourdin’s surrealism influence and personal internal turmoil bore this new narrative style in fashion photography that along with his contemporary Helmut Newton, influenced generations of photographers and fashion editors even today.

Bourdin used color, light and shadows to obtain a sinister, seductive story exalting the sensuality and decadence which visually symbolized the 70’s in both international magazines and advertising. Iconic images ranging from the still life that has a sensuality and emotion of its own or a very fashionable fetish fantasy crime scene as an editorial, the common thread is the erotic sophisticated vision of Bourdin. His work although extremely sensual, is not warm but chilled – aloof, very Hitchcock-esque.

This book of his highly provocative images will continue to mesmerize and provoke.

 Review by Sam Scott Schiavo

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